Totfest 3

“Just The Totfest Cup, An Intergalactic Midwest Mega Race Rally

Will take place this year Sept. 13 – Sept. 15. Registration is now open!! Details coming soon!

Get Registered!

Also if you want you can check out some of the videos and pics from past years…

Rough Agenda

This will for sure get updated and a full itinerary will be here with routes and locations once it’s all nailed down, but if you’re just wondering what will be going on here you go.


  • 1-5 - Meet up at Ben’s place,we’ll do registration and get everyone setup with housing arrangements
  • 6-8:30 - City Ride
  • 8:30-Whenever – Party at Clubhouse Jäger


  • Meetup for Breakfast
  • Long Ride
  • Lunch – Swimming may be involved, bring a speedo!
  • Long Ride
  • Party eat totchos and raffle at the newplex


  • 8-5 Racetrack race or come and watch, we’ll provide food. Races will include stock/stock modified, Variated, Non-Variated, Variated & Non-Variated winners and an everyone races at once deathmatch.